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Laundry FAQS

They are wonderful, accommodating to hectic schedule, reliable and most of all they care about their customers. Thumbs up and 5 stars to UpperCrust. I don’t know what we would do without them!  Stacy O., Advanced G & H of Greater Washington, Vienna, VA


Q – What are your travel zones for laundry pick up?

A – Here is the break down by areas:

Washington, DC – We service all of Washington, DC

Maryland – We service all of Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties.  We accept clients in Howard, Baltimore, Anne Arundel and sometimes  Charles County, depending on miles.  

Virginia – We accept clients in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria,  Falls Church.  We also accept Loudoun County clients along as they have a minimum of 50 pounds of laundry for pick up.

Q – May I drop my laundry off to you?

A – No.  We are a pick up/drop off laundry company.  We have administrative offices in MD and DC but we do not accept laundry at either location.  We go to clients’ homes and/or offices to pick up and drop off the laundry.

Q- What is the fee for regular laundry services?

A – $1.85 per pound for regular service and $2.85 per pound for bed bug and/or lice infestations.

Regarding dry cleaning, the clothing is priced per piece.  Check HERE

Q – Your dry cleaning prices are a little more expensive than the cleaner on my corner. Why is that?

A-  We are picking up and dropping off to your door at your home or office — so yes, you may be paying a little more for the convenience.

Q – How long does it take to get the laundry back?

A – It depends on several factors.  On average, 2 days for laundry and 3 days for dry cleaning.

Q – How do you require the laundry to be packaged for pickup?

A – You can place the laundry in trash bags.  We’ll return it in laundry bags and/or plastic bags.  Please save and store the laundry bags.  When you are ready to use us again, simply place your laundry in the laundry bags we provided.

GO HERE for details regarding packing up bed bug infested laundry.

Q – Will I need to be at home for pick up and/or drop off of my laundry or dry cleaning?

A – Generally, no.  For example, if you have a porch, a doorman or any specified area where we can access the laundry, you would not need to be home for either pick up or drop off. Many of our clients are not at home.  

Q – Physically disabled clients – What is your policy regarding stairs?

A – We have several clients who are physically disabled, elderly or fragile.  Some of them live in apartment buildings without elevators.  In such cases, we take the responsibility to retrieve and return the laundry directly from/to the client’s door.  

Q – Is there a pound minimum?

A – Yes, 35 – 40 pounds for the first pick up.  30 – 35 pound minimum for subsequent pick ups.  GO HERE to get an idea of the amount of clothing items need to make up the pounds. Regarding dry cleaning, we would like to have a minimum of $25. This is due to travel and gas. So one pair of pants for example would not cover our travel costs.  If you have both dry cleaning and laundry, you should have no problems meeting our minimum.

Q – Is there a gas or travel fee….or any other types of extra fees?

A – When we are handling bed bugs or lice $35 transport fee.

Regular clients, there is a fee if for any reason we must return the laundry unwashed. That fee is $25. In addition, if we are going outside of our regular travel zone (35 – 40 miles from base), there is an extra fee applied which ranges from $15+ depending on distance and/or tolls.

Q – Rush jobs – Do you accept them?

A – Depends. Rush jobs are easier closer to the weekend. For example, on a Friday or Saturday. Instead of returning the clothing 2 days later, with rush jobs, we return the next day. Always call or email us first to see if we are able to take on the rush job. If we are, the charge is $2.50 per pound.

We cannot take on a bed bug case as a rush job unless the client has less than 90 pounds of laundry. We find that clients with bed bugs generally have several hundred pounds of laundry because understandably they are sending every stitch of clothing in their homes and for every family member. The job is generally enormous (because we also must fold the clothing) so bed bug cases require more time, not less. In the event we can take on such a case as a rush job, the fee is $3.80 per pound.

Q – What is your bed bug and/or lice policy?

A – Note that the fees differ for bed bug and lice accounts because more time is spent on washing the clothing.  PRESS HERE for more details regarding our laundry services for bed bugs.

Q – What types of laundry won’t you accept?

A – We ask that clients double check their labels to ensure that they are not sending laundry that is dry clean only.  We do not generally take on dry clean only clothing.  We don’t accept coats or jackets.

We also do not accept biohazard.  No vomit or feces

Q – What types of payment do you accept?

A – We take all major credit cards.  That is the only payment method we accept for laundry service.  Our clients’ credit card details are kept on file.  Our software system encrypts the card details for the safety of our clients.

Q – Another person or agency has agreed to take on my laundry bill and wants to put his/her credit card on my account.  Is that okay?

A – Absolutely. That is not unusual.  Have the person call us directly.  We’ve had parents, in-laws, gift givers, rental agents, non-profits, etc. pay for laundry for clients—either short term or long term.  We don’t care who pays for it as long as the person calls us to okay having their credit card put on file.

Q – I have allergies. May I send my own detergent?

A – Of course you may.  However, we do take special requests.  If you alert us, we will do our best to accommodate any special needs.

Q – What types of detergent do you use?

A – It varies.  We sometimes use a commercial grade detergent.  We also have used Tide, Gain and Dreft.    Some clients are sensitive to smells, so we oftentimes will use odorless detergent unless clients request otherwise.

Q – Is the laundry brought back folded?

A – Yes, we fold all laundry, place it in either a plastic bag, laundry bag, or both. [Some clients send their own bags, which is fine with us]

Q – What time do you pick up laundry generally?

A – Generally in the afternoons.  You may self schedule below.

Q – Do you match socks?

A – Some clients have literally hundreds of pairs of socks.  There is a tremendous amount of time required to match them.  With that in mind, we will match up to 20 pairs of socks and the balance of the socks will be put in a plastic bag and returned to the family unmatched.

Q – How do I get started?

A – Simply fill in the form below and feel free to self schedule. Next, call us with your CC information and your laundry will be picked up. It’s that simple.

Q – Do I need to fill in the form below every time I need a laundry pick up?  

A – No. The form below is for first time clients.  Regular clients may email us, call us, or text us.  Once we have you in the system, you will never need to fill in a form again — unless you just want to do so.


Please self schedule for next day (or more) pick up. Do not sign up for a pickup on same day. Example: If today is January 1, you may sign up for January 2 or beyond……SELF SCHEDULE BELOW