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Q – How do you require the laundry to be packaged for pickup?

A – You can place the laundry in trash bags. We’ll return it in laundry bags. Please save and store the laundry bags. When you are ready to use us again, simply place your laundry in the laundry bags we provided.

Q – Is there a pound minimum?

A – Yes, 40 – 45 pounds for the first pick up. 35 pound minimum for subsequent pick ups.

Q – Is there a gas fee?

A – Regular laundry:  Yes and no. There is only a gas fee charged if we find we need to return the laundry uncleaned/untouched for whatever reason.  Bed bug laundry:  $35 transport fee

Q – How far out will you travel to pick up laundry?

A – We have a wider than usual pick up zone that we service. We are located in PG and Montgomery Counties but accept clients in Howard, Baltimore, Anne Arundel and sometimes even Charles County. Just depends. We also take on Northern VA.

Q – What types of laundry won’t you accept?

A – We are not equipped to take on laundry that is in a home where there has been bedbugs. If you have had your home infested with fleas, bed bugs, lice, etc, there are laundry services that are able to handle your laundry. We are not.

Q – Do you offer dry cleaning services?

A – Yes, via outsourcing to a trusted vendor.  Laundry is completed in house, dry cleaning, outsourced.

Q – What types of payment do you accept?

A – We take all major credit cards. That is the only payment method we accept for laundry service. Our clients’ credit card details are kept on file. Our software system encrypts the card details for the safety of our clients.

Q – How long does it take to get the laundry back?

A – It depends on several factors. However, 2 – 3 days and sometimes we surprise clients by getting their laundry back to them the very next day.

Q – I have allergies. May I send my own detergent?

A – Of course you may. However, we do take special requests. If you alert us, we will do our best to accommodate any special needs.

Q – What types of detergent do you use?

A – It varies. Mostly Tide products. Some clients are sensitive to smells, so we oftentimes will use odorless detergent unless clients request otherwise.

Q – Is the laundry brought back folded?

A – Yes, we fold all laundry, place it in plastic bags and put those plastic bags in laundry bags.

Q – What time do you pick up laundry generally?

A – At the present time, we pick up and drop off laundry between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. On Saturdays we are more flexible. We run a cleaning business by day so that’s why laundry times are different.

Q – How do I get started?

A – Simply fill in the form below, call us with your CC information and we will schedule a pickup. It’s that simple.

Laundry Services

Please self schedule for next day (or more) pick up. Do not sign up for a pickup on same day. Example: If today is January 1, you may sign up for January 2 or beyond……