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UpperCrust Laundry accepts all laundry on the basis of weight and does not perform a piece-by-piece count.  We have an expectation that clothing items sent to us can be washed in a machine.  We ask that clients never send us any item that needs to be dry cleaned, air dried, hand washed, etc.

Examples of  laundry items that should always be dry cleaned:

Pleated items

Clothing items that need to be “air dried”
Clothing items that have linings in them – This includes dresses, gowns, skirts or pants
Clothing that has beading or delicate embellishments
Any clothing items that appear fragile or delicate
Any item that clearly states “dry clean only”
Clothing that is highly stained or soiled
Heavy wool such as coats or suits
Clothing that has a blend of fabrics generally should be dry cleaned
Most leather

*Silk can generally be hand washed but note that UpperCrust Laundry does not hand wash. Therefore, please do not send your silk items.

General FYI

UpperCrust Laundry only accepts washable items. Client agrees to only send items that are washable to UpperCrust Laundry.

Rugs are charged an extra fee. Clients must alert UpperCrust Laundry of any rugs needing to be washed.

UpperCrust Laundry does not check clients’ pockets. If ever a needle or any other dangerous item is discovered to be in a pocket, we will immediately discontinue service to client.

Clients are responsible for checking their pockets and removing all valuables such as jewelry or money. UpperCrust Laundry is not responsible for loss of or damage to any non-cleanable items left in clients’ pockets.

Uppercrust Laundry is not responsible for any damage to clothing that stems from items being left in laundry items (such as markers, pencils, pens, or makeup).

UpperCrust Laundry is not responsible for any items that have been left unattended for pick up or delivery. We follow clients’ delivery instructions. If a client requests that we leave items in a target area and the items are stolen or damaged, we are not responsible.

UpperCrust Laundry is not responsible for clothes that shrink, bleed or changes shape during washing/drying. Again, please check your labels prior to sending clothes to UpperCrust Laundry.

Please do not send any items to UpperCrust Laundry that are labeled “hand wash only”, “hang/dry flat”, “special care” or “dry clean only”. Due to the volume of clothing that we handle, we do not read the labels. Therefore, please do not send clothing to us marked with the hand wash, hang/dry flat, special care or dry clean only labels.

UpperCrust Laundry will not be responsible for any damage that is done to your laundry during normal washing and drying such as buttons falling off, beads coming loose, hems or seams coming undone, etc.

UpperCrust Laundry makes every effort to remove stains but cannot guarantee that all stains can be or will be removed.

UpperCrust Laundry reserves the right to refuse to wash any garment.