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Bed Bugs

This page pertains to bed bugs as well as lice


You have certainly come to the right place to have your clothing needs taken care of and to get those pesky bed bugs (or lice) off of your laundry and onto the bug grave yard.

UpperCrust is one of the few pick up/drop off companies that will deal with bed bugs. At this point, we have handled enough such cases that we now consider ourselves to be experts.

How to prepare to have infected clothing picked up:

a. Go to a store such as Lowes, Walmart or Home Depot and pick up some thick Contractor Bags—not the thin, flimsy ones that easily splits. Contractor bags are heavy duty and very difficult to break open.  They also are more expensive than the flimsy bags.  Below is an image of what the bags look like.

contractor bags

b. Carefully place the clothing items in the bags and seal the bags. This is very important.

c. An UpperCrust staff member will pick up the laundry. If it is not packaged as specified above and sealed, it will not be picked up.

Who we work with

a. We work with people whose homes or offices have been invaded by bedbugs.
b. We work with a variety of non profit organizations that own shelters, town homes, apartments. We pick up the clothing, wash, dry and fold it and return it.
c. We work with hospitals that are affiliated with non profit organizations.

d. We work with local colleges and universities whose students’ dorms or apartments have been infected.

e.  We work with property managers, landlords and land owners whose properties have been infected.

Areas covered

We have picked up laundry in Northern Virginia, Baltimore City and County, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Washington, DC and generally any area within a 60 mile radius. We do travel outside of our zone but to do so incurs extra cost.


Our standard fee (as of January, 2017) is $2.85 per pound for services and there is a $35 transportation fee. We do require that a credit card number be kept on file.

Residential clients – Payment is only accepted by credit card.

Non profit organizations and hospitals – Although we prefer credit cards, we do accept checks from established non profit organizations and hospitals. However, payment is due upon delivery of laundry.

Calculating the expense 

Here is an example of cost.  Let’s say you have 10 large black bags of bedbug infested laundry.  Without knowing what is in the bags and how heavy the laundry is (prior to weighing it) let’s assume it’s just general laundry.  Let’s say that each bag weighs approximately 45 – 55 pounds.  So if 5 bags weigh 45 pounds each (225 pounds total) and 5 weigh 55 pounds each (275 pounds total), you have a total of 500 pounds.   500 x $2.85 = $1,425 + $35 gas fee.  $1,460 total.

If you have 20 bags weighing approximately the same as above, double the fee and now you are looking at about $2,920.

How to get started

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