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Tired of “On demand” APPS losing your laundry?

Friday, December 1st 2017

Check out any social media site and you will see complaints from angry citizens who had entrusted their laundry to “APPS”.  These APPS supposedly are there to make life easier for the Uber crowd.  Instead, however, the hipsters and older folks alike are being taken to the cleaners—-literally. They are losing hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of laundry.

Check out these two reviews:

So I give them my most delicate/ valuable clothing items to hang dry and not put in the dryer, specifically for the very reason. They managed to loose ALL of them and have the nerve to offer me a credit that is not only FAR below the value of my items but also would require me to use their absolutely terrible service again!???

They lost items of mine before, delivered someone else’s clothing to me and ruined a 4K rug that they assured me knew how to handle. I am not sure how this company can be this incompetent.

I tried contacting them on Facebook and instead of addressing the situation they deleted my comments.

Interesting. And not an isolated event. That particular on demand laundry establishment is located in New York. But we have the same issues right here at home. Check out this review of a DC/MD company:

I used this service because my husband was in a pinch with shirts for work. I got a charge on my credit card for far over the estimated price, turned out they had mixed up my dry cleaning with someone else’s. I call to make sure it gets sorted out, and they deliver the wrong clothes to my apartment. Thankfully, they were able to swap the clothes quickly. I got a call saying I would receive a full refund for my purchase and it would take 5-7 business days to show up. It’s been a month. I haven’t gotten any of my money back. Would avoid, if possible.

Why are citizens having such horrifying experiences? It’s simple. They are outsourcing their laundry to cold companies that care about nothing but money. This is what is happening:

a. Person uses an “on demand” cute little laundry APP to order a laundry pick up.
b. The on demand company sends out a contracted driver to pick up the clothing (assuming the person shows up).
c. The contractor then drops off the laundry to any number of laundromats throughout the city—-and that’s where things go foul. The laundromats cannot guarantee quality or consistency and they lose laundry.
d. The contractor forgets which laundromat he or she dropped the laundry off to—-or if s/he does recall, it does not matter because the laundromat in question may not be able to find it. After all, the employee who washed the clothes has possibly walked out on the job—quit. Or perhaps was fired. And depending on how angry she or he was, the person may have dumped the clothing in the garbage or taken it to sell it at a second hand store.

Sounds frightening, huh? Good. It should sound scary. It is scary. And it happens every day. To top it off, the companies that are causing these issues do not care. Money is their only concern. When a customer calls for help, they receive none because those on demand APPS are simply shadow companies. There is very little about them that’s real.

Can you avoid falling victim? Of course. UpperCrust Laundry is a multiple award winning company that does 100% of its work in house. We don’t outsource to laundry companies. Our own people do the work. Give us a call: 301-322-7112. You will not receive a run around. You will reach a real person. And you will have your laundry returned to your door!

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