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Sunday, October 8th 2017

A recent study showed that bedbugs love dirty laundry and are attracted to it.  All the more reason for you to ensure that even while you are on travel and staying in a hotel, that you ensure that your clothes are clean.  LINK to article about study

Not to worry.  UpperCrust Laundry will pick up your dirty clothes from your hotel.  However, you need to ensure that no bedbugs are slipping into your clothing.  Fortunately bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye.

Before you get into your bed, inspect the mattress to ensure there are no bugs lurking there.  Don’t sit your suitcase on the floor and make sure your suitcase is closed.  Bed bugs are a huge problem in hotels and unfortunately the Maryland and DC areas have the largest bed bug infestations in the U.S.

Again, don’t allow your dirty clothes to sit in your hotel room. Call UpperCrust Laundry at 301-322-7112 TODAY!

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