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 Your laundry & dry cleaning are safe with us!

UpperCrust Laundry is a multiple award winning company that started in 2008 as a house and office cleaning establishment. In July, 2015 we officially closed out the cleaning part of the business and we now offer pick up/drop off laundry, exclusively.

Who needs laundry and dry cleaning services?

  1. Clients whose machines have broken down
  2. Busy moms who no longer have the time (or energy) to wash and fold laundry
  3. Professionals who work hard, play hard — with limited time for laundry
  4. Retired individuals who would rather not spend any further precious moments on laundry
  5. Every day people who simply don’t enjoy doing laundry
  6. People who are dealing with bedbugs, mites and or lice
  7. Commercial companies that have uniforms, towels, rags, sheets, etc. that need to be washed regularly

Whatever your reason [and you really don’t need one!] UpperCrust Laundry is here to serve all of your laundry needs. We will stop by your home or place of business and pick up, wash, dry, fold and then return your laundry back your door smelling fresh and ready to store away.  It really does not get any better than that!

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