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UpperCrust Maids is an award winning company which specializes in cleaning offices and buildings. In addition, we clean homes to prepare clients for moving into or out of them.

It is important to note that although we did offer weekly and biweekly cleaning services in the past, we have decided at this point to change our focus.  Our focus is now on commercial services, move in/move out services, and laundry services.  We no longer offer regular cleaning services.

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Commercial/janitorial  inquiries, GO HERE

Move in, move out cleanings  – Our specialty is move in/move out cleanings.  We no longer offer weekly or biweekly cleaning services but have grandfathered in our present clients.  We now offer commercial as well as move in/move out cleanings and laundry services.  GO HERE

Laundry services (residential), PRESS HERE

Laundry services (commercial), PRESS HERE

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